When was the last time you played like your were 4 years old again? That you looked at the world in amazement as you saw things for the 1st time?

Being amazed at the wonders of a butterfly. Having unconditional love for the new born puppy dog? Drawing pictures that don’t have to be perfect or even look alike anything, but just having colours and a sheet of paper to create your own little art pieces.

Being playful, enjoying the moment, not being in service of anybody. Just being there in the moment with whatever you are doing and enjoying it t the max.
When was the last time?

And I am not only talking about being in the present moment, I am talking about connecting to your inner child. The goofy, funny, still amazed at almost anything, lets colour outside the lines child.

Where there is no goal, no result to reach, nobody to be. Just you having fun.

I had this moment recently while colouring with my 2 nephews. The eldest was drawing buildings, bridges, planes and boats on request with the golden pencil and the youngest and I where colouring his drawings.
I had a blast. Making the most insane colourful boat you can ever imagine, talking with the kids and feeling utterly content.

Even my brother started drawing on the other side of the table. It was a golden moment.

“ Being playful naturally liberates the mind, open the heart, and lifts the spirit.
Take time to play today”.
– Debra L. Reble –

“Being playful naturally liberates the mind, opens the heart, and lifts the spirit.
Take time to play today.”

– Debra L. Reble –