It might not always come easy and off course you don’t always feel like it. But I try to keep this intention. Every single day. Because I don’t want to hold back. Because I want to express who I am and because I want to live and love fearlessly.

A broken heart is sometimes hard to heal. Fact is, it might never heal completely. And that is ok. The pain will leave a scar and your heart might look like patchwork from all the mending you have done. But to me that is a heart that has lived and loved and a heart that took a risk. 


We tend to stop reaching out to others, as we fear to be rejected. We fear our hand will not be taken when we reach out. We learn already, as little as we are, if the hand we reach out with is held or not. And at some point, some of us might have stopped reaching out all together. Hiding inside their inner world, believing they are not good enough to receive love. To receive support. 

Getting back into the ring as we grow older might need some courage and faith. What happens if I reach out? What happens if I give you my heart?

I decided to live my life as if I was dancing. That is scary at times, but it also has made me stronger. As I no longer reject myself. And that is an incredible feeling. To pick up my own pieces when I feel insecure, unworthy or anxious. To hold myself like I would hold a little child. 

To smile at her and say “It’s going to be allright”. It helps to turn on the music, to let it all out and to dance like nobody is watching. To follow my emotions and body to where the music takes me. That is a kind of vulnerability that I also want to bring to my daily life. 

This is me, with all my colors, cracks, oddness and beauty.  

I am looking forward to meet yours! So we can truly connect.