When was the last time that you put your head in the wind, hair all messy, eyes closed and with a big smile on your face? When did you truly felt free?

I hope it was recently.

For me Freedom is about being utterly and totally myself. Beyond shame and conditions and being fully present within the moment. Literally letting my hair down when I am dancing. This is one of the moments that I truly feel free. The music takes over, my body follows the rhythm and I JUST AM. There is nothing quite like it.

I also feel free when I travel. Somehow I can give myself permission to let go of all the responsibilities I have or I think I have, when I am away of my everyday environment.
No email, no work, no obligations. When I travel I use my senses more, I am more childlike in my curiosity and I love to be outdoors and feel the wind in my hair.

I love road trips which increase the feeling of freedom. Just go with the flow and see where you will end up. The last one I made was with one of my best friends to Slovenia. We knew we had to be there by a certain date, as we had booked a diner at Ana Roš her restaurant Hiša Franko. She was named The World’s Best Female Chef in 2017 and we wanted to experience her extraordinary cooking for ourselves.

The route to her restaurant was open. So we crossed Germany and Austria, discovering the most lovely B&B’s, breath taking routes and had a lot of fun along the way. Once in Slovenia we decided spontaneously to go wild water rafting, canyoning and last but not least paragliding. We had amazing adventures and we made lifelong memories.

I always tell myself to take that mindset back home with me. And I get better at it. But still, the daily grind of working, responsibilities and so on, make me sometimes forget. So here is a note to Self:

“ I can be free, utterly free, deciding everyday again to live my most adventurous and truest life. All it takes is the courage to follow my soul and show up as true to myself as I can possibly be”.
– Chantal-

Here are some pics….. by the way I am afraid of hights…
Talking about pushing boundaries.
And don’t forget to laugh about yourself a lot 😉


“Courage to me is being afraid and doing it anyway. Courage = Fear + Action”

ChantalsLab_Freedom_2 ChantalsLab_Freedom_3

“Jump and scream your lungs out, let it all out and feel that you are alive”